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Helping the next generation of aussie rock n' roll legends

Tools, knowledge & wisdom for you to be more resourceful and independently achieve your Rock N’ Roll Dreams.

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Turning your creativity into a Rock Legacy

You have some killer songs, a kick-ass live show or maybe a music industry business idea, but have you got these 4 Pillars Of Rock sorted?





  • You need to be Resourceful, not only maximising use of existing resources, but attracting more
  • Create and seize the limited Opportunities that present themselves, gone are the days of sitting back waiting for them to find you
  • Without a Community surrounding you, who will buy your music, come to your gigs and be your legion of raving fans?
  • Knowing your short and long-term goals and having a plan is absolutely vital as is building your Knowledge of the industry

Let's Review Your 4 Pillars Of Rock!

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Helping you achieve your Rock ‘N’ Roll dreams

Aside from arming you with  tools, resources, knowledge & wisdom, there’s some specific services you can engage The Rock Legacy to provide…

Rock Check Independent Review

Get an independent review, report & recommendations to improve your current operations around the 4 Pillars Of Rock

Bookkeeping & Business Management

Keep your energy for being creative and leave the numbers to a seasoned expert with 20+ years experience

Consulting & Representation

Need a passionate and independent person in your corner to help guide you during the next phase of your career?

Tools, Knowledge & Wisdom

Helpful content, Podcast, Events and Community to help support your journey.  I don’t have all the answers, but collectively we do!

Meet the founder.

Meet the founder.

Having spent 6 years looking after the day to day Business Management of some of Australia’s biggest music artists it was in the midst of a pandemic that the next chapter of my life journey became clear.

With knowledge, wisdom and an unshakeable passion for ROCK music to share, I created The Rock Legacy to empower the next generation of Rock ‘N’ Roll legends in Australia to pursue their Rock ‘N’ Roll dreams independently and ensure the rich heritage of Rock ‘N’ Roll in Australia lives on for decades to come.

Don’t Stop Believin’,
Scott Smith


It would be hard to find a more dedicated person to all things Rock than Scott.  From being an absolute champion of the rock n roll lifestyle in general, to his whole hearted and passionate support of countless bands that make up the community.  From the biggest names to the most humble of bands just finding their sound, Scott’s support is invaluable.

Chris Maric, Maric Media

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