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building a rock legacy starts here


Your Rock Check is the first step towards building your rock legacy.  During our session we will assess where your operations are currently at and give you specific recommendations and tools to ultimately help you focus your energies on being creative, knowing the essentials are in place.

Simple As 1,2,3

But Big Results

Here’s what involved in the Rock Check process.  Less painful than going to a Dentist, promise!


Book Your Session

Get in contact via Email or Phone to book your session.  If you are Melbourne based, then let’s catch-up in person, if you are Interstate we’ll schedule a Zoom / Skype / Phone chat.

Rock Check Review Session

During our Session (approx 2 to 3 hours), we’ll walk through a Checkilst to assess your current set-up and operations using the 4 Pillars Of Rock as some guiding principles.



You’ll receive a report post the review session that will outline strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve your current operations based on all the areas walked through.


After you’ve had a chance to reivew the report, we will have a quick follow up session to go through any key areas recommendation actions and discuss any tools & resources that have been recommended.


Reviewed During Your Rock Check

Accounting Set-Up

Registrations & Royalties

Technology & Platforms

Community & Network

Short & Long Term Plan

Words From Scott

Don’t Stop Believin’

Have you ever thought about the legacy you want to leave on the world of Rock ‘N’ Roll?  Especially with the events of 2020, that’s a question no doubt many of you have been pondering…  Just like you, we want you to leave a legacy and continue the rich heritage of Rock ‘N’ Roll here in Australia.  There’s not enough ROCK music ruling the airwaves here in Australia and collectively, we can do something about that.


Rock Check Session & Report

Start building those foundations of the 4 Pillars Of Rock today.  

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