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Have you ever thought about the legacy you want to leave on the world of Rock ‘N’ Roll?  Especially with the events of 2020, that’s a question no doubt many of you have been pondering…

The Rock Legacy was born in the midst of 2020 to  empower Rock ‘N’ Roll artists & businesses such as yourself and guide you in building the foundations of the 4 pillars of ROCK.

Just like you, we want you to leave a legacy and continue the rich heritage of Rock ‘N’ Roll here in Australia.
here’s not enough ROCK music ruling the airwaves here in Australia and collectively, we can do something about that.

 The 4 pillars of ROCK essential to building a Legacy…

Run a small business

The reality of being in the music business in the 2020’s is that you need all the knowledge & tools to run your career as you would if you were running a small business.   

One vision

Do you have a vision of where you want to be 1 year, 5 year, 10 years from now?  If not, then how do you know where to direct all that passion, belief, blood, sweat & tears?  


Having raving fans is key, but also building a formidable team to support you, is even as important!  Who do you have in your wider network & community right now?

Killer songs & performance

Without creating killer songs & building a live performance that is going to leave your fans in awe….who is going to remember you in 1, let alone 5 years time?

…if you need help with these 4 pillars of ROCK, then you’re at the right Gig.


The Rock Legacy was founded in the midst of the 2020 pandemic.

Having spent the past 10 years in the music industry in various roles, I’ve always been driven by one prime mission, to promote and spread the word about ROCK music and the incredible talent here in Australia that largely goes unnoticed.

Stepping away from full-time work in 2019 after having spent 6 years looking after the day to day Business Management of some of Australia’s biggest music artists (Violent Soho, Northlane, John Butler Trio, Dune Rats, Illy, Angus & Julia Stone, Karise Eden) it was in the midst of a pandemic that the next chapter of my life journey became clear.

With knowledge, wisdom and an unshakeable passion for ROCK music to share, I created The Rock Legacy to empower the next generation of Rock ‘N’ Roll artists in Australia to ensure the rich heritage of Rock ‘N’ Roll in Australia lives on for decades to come.

We are a resilient bunch here in Australia and whilst the music industry is without doubt facing it’s toughest challenge ever, we will get through this.  To put it bluntly, I want to help ROCK music here in Australia sieze the moment and come back louder than everything else in 2021.

In 1986 I saw John Farnham on the Whispering Jack tour as a then 11yo.  That was the moment that I became hooked on the excitement of Rock ‘N’ Roll.  In the years since, ROCK music has been my constant #1 passion and brought so much excitement, hapiness and a place to belong.  It’s time to give something back.

For the past 10+ years here in Australia I’ve been championing ROCK music via my music blog Rock Lives Here, as a live music photographer, Community Radio Host, Podcaster, Promoter, Roadie and above all, a lover of Rock ‘N’ Roll.

The next phase in this journey is The Rock Legacy and the community of empowered Rock ‘N’ Roll warriors I’m on a mission to build for the collective good of Rock ‘N’ Roll here in Australia and the World.

Don’t Stop Believin’

Scott Smith

It would be hard to find a more dedicated person to all things Rock than Scott.  From being an absolute champion of the rock n roll lifestyle in general, to his whole hearted and passionate support of countless bands that make up the community.  From the biggest names to the most humble of bands just finding their sound, Scott’s support is invaluable.

His evolution from rock blog writer to highly regarded music critic to his business advice to musicians and more, it’s only logical that Scott takes his next step with The Rock Legacy and put his skills to their best use possible.

Chris Maric

Maric Media, October 2020

I’m super fortunate to have such a professional, hard working manager and dedicated person in my corner, who believes in me and the future of rock music. Together, I hope we can bring rock music to a new generation of millennials and keep rock music alive. I am so excited for what’s next in store.

Cassidy Paris

Recording Artist, May 2020

I’ve known Scott for probably 20 years.  He first came up to me straight after a gig I was playing and asked me about a band I was in during the 90’s!!!

He’s always been passionate about music and still is, above all he’s always supported local artists and MOST of all is a top dude!!!

Zakk Zedras

Guitarist (Chocolate Starfish, RedCircle, Mandy Kane, Roxus), October 2020

Getting a band off the ground (manages Echo Del Tusker & Jane Lee Hooker) takes an incredible amount of time and work, and having the support and belief of people like Scott means the world and helps to make all the sacrifice worthwhile.

Gregg Bell

Wanted Management, October 2020